We teamed up with Operation Respect.

Celebrating our differences ensures everyone is welcome as we #rethinkbeautiful. So we partnered with Operation Respect to help students embrace their unique beauty. We worked with teens from the Parkland Project in a #ShowYourTrueColors initiative that encouraged students to pledge to use their unique skills to stand out in their classrooms and beyond. The campaign helped students understand how they can use color to evoke ideas and express feelings—red, for example, can convey warmth and energy, while orange can makes us feel fun and friendly. 

Operation Respect has also been working with Yale University to develop a Mood Meter, a barometer of emotion that helps kids use color to better understand their state of mind and express their feelings as more than just stagnant emotions. At Lycored, we know more than most that the colors we encounter each day are more than just essential ingredients—they inspire and remind us of the power of earth’s beauty and its effect on how we feel. It’s why we are committed to loving our true selves while showing our true colors—a commitment we see reflected every day in our wide range of colorants. Check out some photos from the event below.