Watch wellness bloom.

As part of our mission to promote transparency and share a window on the beautiful places that inspire us and where we sustainably grow and carefully process our ingredients, for the past three years we’ve run a live video stream from our tomato farm in Galilee Panhandle, Israel.

With over 1,000,000 views, the farmcam has allowed us to offer people everywhere a way to virtually connect with nature during the growing and harvest season. Last year, we added a ground-level camera to give viewers an up close and personal take on the golden tomato plants that provide the powerful phytonutrients that gives our Lumenato skincare extract its ability to support glowing skin.

And for 2022, we’re taking transparency in our vertically integrated production even further. We’re not only turning on cameras at our on-farm processing facility to show our tomato washing, sorting and solvent-free extraction process through the harvest, we’re also planning to turn our cameras back onto the land itself and watch as it rests and rejuvenates for the winter.

Just like we believe that owning every step of this journey from seed to supplement allows us to maximize wellness and quality while minimizing waste, we know every part of the year—from the excitement of planting and harvest to the reflection of winter—plays a role in sustaining the earth and nourishing those of us lucky enough to get to partner with it.

As the warm breezes flow across the hills and rustle the growing vines and the sun ripens our tomatoes this season, we hope you’ll take a moment or two to open this small window to nature’s abundant wellness and get a measure of mindfulness and natural calm no matter where you are.