An adventurous take on wellbeing.


I’ve always believed that true adventure occupies the space between that which you know and hold familiar, and that which you believe you are capable of achieving.

My life is intertwined and underpinned by the pursuit of adventure, starting with a daily basis of striving to complete new tasks so that I can live the dream and reality of traveling to far corners of the globe. The sense of wellbeing and contentment that reaching a new destination brings is sometimes overlooked, but it’s felt by each one of us. Overcoming challenges both physical and physiological en route are what turn everyday tasks into life-fulfilling adventures.

I recently travelled to Barbados, not just for the beautiful location and slower pace of life, but to document the return of two close friends. The two friends in question had undertaken one of the toughest challenges on earth; rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, 3000 miles of open water, unsupported. I had waved goodbye to them on December 18th 2015, in the Canary Islands. 54 days later, I was one of the first to welcome them back to dry land. They had completed a voyage very few others will ever experience.


James and Tom would be the first to admit they are not professional athletes, but rather two good friends who set out to achieve something life defining, and they did. The key to their success, as with any adventure small or ambitious, is in the preparation, determination, and of course an element of luck. The factors that we are able to control—the packing, the planning of routes, checking maps, the levels of protection we give ourselves—are often that which becomes vital to any voyage. The way we prepare our bodies and mind each day matters which is something Lycored understands completely. It all boils down to the help we give ourselves physically to stand up to the harsh elements we may be exposed to, the longing that comes with leaving the familiarity of home behind, and the often overwhelming sense of wellbeing that we discover at the end of any road. These highs and lows are all part of the same adventure.

In testing times, the smallest of margins can make all the difference. Preparing your body through nutrition and your mind through positive thinking are ways in which we can hope to take on the world. I travel for work, but never for work alone. I seek new places so that I can fill my life with beautiful moments, to share sights and inspire others to walk their own paths, to discover that heightened sense of life the pursuit of adventure brings.


Lycored Adventure Ambassador Calum Creasey is an accomplished cinematographer, writer, and photographer whose work conveys a deep love of storytelling. He is most content when capturing life’s small, happy moments with his camera. He also loves spending time on the road in his camper van, as documented in his book The Rolling Home.