Beauty from within: Improvement of skin health and appearance with Lycomato a tomato-derived oral supplement

Healthy and a youthful appearance is a common desire of the aging population. “Beauty from within” involves using nutrition and nutraceuticals to support skin function for reducing and reversing signs of aging such as wrinkles, pigmentary changes, skin laxity, and dullness. Carotenoids possess strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities and are effective in improving skin barrier … Continued

Supplementation with tomato-based products increases lycopene, phytofluene, and phytoene levels in human serum and protects against UV-light-induced erythema

Carotenoids are suitable photoprotectants, and beta-carotene supplements are used for protection against ultraviolet (UV) light-induced erythema. Protective effects are also observed when carotenoids are provided with the diet. Here, we investigated the photoprotective effects of synthetic lycopene in comparison with a tomato extract (Lyc-o-Mato) and a drink containing solubilized Lyc-o-Mato (Lyc-o-Guard-Drink). With these different sources, … Continued

Interactions of dietary carotenoids with activated (singlet) oxygen and free radicals: Potential effects for human health

Molecular mechanisms associated with the anti-/pro-oxidative properties of carotenoids (CARs) are described in organic solvents, micro-heterogeneous environments and model lipid membranes and in cellular suspensions. Singlet oxygen is important in the skin and eye and CARs are efficient singlet oxygen (SO) quenchers with corresponding rate constants near diffusion controlled (typically app. 1010 M−1 s−1) with … Continued