Effect of Cardio Mato (Grade A Lyc-O-Mato, a Tomato Extracted Lycopene) on Blood Pressure

Blood-pressure reading of 140/90 mmHg (systolic/diastolic pressure) are typically regarded as having high blood pressure as defined in the most recent guidelines. From a physiological perspective, the regulation of blood pressure is a complicated process involving different biological systems and a number of feedback systems, including the nervous system, hormones, control of body fluid and regulators within the vessels themselves. In 90-95% of patients with high blood pressure the cause is unknown, whereas the remaining 5-10% may have secondary hypertension related to congenital heart defects, certain cancers or kidney abnormalities. Prehypertension [systolic blood pressure (SBP) 120-139 mm Hg, diastolic blood pressure (DBP) 80-89 mm Hg] is considered a precursor of hypertension and has been associated with an increased risk of up to 3.5 times in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality later in life.

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