TINAMC - Dr Cadabra - Heart Health from Lycored on Vimeo.

Dr. Cadabra is at it again.

When it comes to heart health, tricks and illusions won’t cut it. Just don’t mention that to Dr. Cadabra. The “good” doctor is back, and he seems to have missed the beat on cardiovascular wellness. His latest advice, gimmicks, and attempt to “cure” a patient don’t quite go as planned. Watch what happens this time around, and then head over to our dedicated This Is Not A Miracle Cure™ heart health page complete with a few tips to help you put your heart first. While you’re at it, check out our study on the effect of Cardiomato™ on cardiovascular wellness too. 

Can’t get enough of our not-so-medical magician? You can watch his first video here.