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Blakeslea Trispora

What makes a better beta?

Beta-carotene (the carotenoid that converts to vitamin A and helps protect from oxidative stress and boost immune function) can be found in just about all fruits and veggies—from carrots to melons. But did you know that one of the best beta-carotene producers on earth is actually a nutrient-filled fungus, our very own blakeslea trispora? Scroll down to learn more about this extraordinary organism, our holistic production practices, and to play a one-of-a-kind game inspired by this amazing fungus.

Meet our beta-carotene super producer.

Of the hundreds of wild and laboratory fungus strains out there, we use a unique strain of blakeslea trispora that naturally produces high levels of beta-carotene. But that’s not its only benefit—our fungus offers a very sustainable, and price-stable, type of beta-carotene as the organism is not impacted by weather or seasonality. Keep reading to find out what else makes it so special.

Our patented blakeslea trispora has the highest provitamin A activity per gram compared to other natural sources.

Blakeslea trispora is capable of growing in a variety of substrates. It yields beta-carotene that is safe for food and dietary supplements products.

While countless plants and fruits have been studied for supplement use over the years, we’re just beginning to explore the amazing potential of the fungus kingdom.

Holistic Production

Our holistic production process

Because we control every step of production, we can ensure maximum safety, potency, and efficacy for all of our beta-carotene products.


Step 1

We choose the best active strains of blakeslea trispora to create the highest yielding non-GMO beta-carotene organism. We only employe traditional methods of microbiological selection with no genetic engineering.

Growth & Fermentation

Step 2

We control the process of growing and fermenting the fungus at our own facilities which allows us to ensure the safety and efficacy of everything we make.

Filtration & Extraction

Step 3

We isolate beta-carotene crystals from the fermentation suspension and use a patented single-solvent process to extract a carotenoid-rich oleoresin without disrupting the natural distribution of beta-carotene.


Step 4

Our unique microencapsulation techniques improve stability and bioavailability while reducing oxidation and overages so our products do more for you, either on their own or in concert with our other carotenoids.


Step 5

How do we know our products work? We rigorously test all of our individual ingredients and resulting nutrient blends in studies, pre-clinical, and clinical trials until we see strong, reliable results.

Our beta-carotene family

Beta-carotene has been shown to support healthy immune and cardiovascular systems and we’ve created a variety of formulations to target a wide range of concerns and needs. Learn more about our beta-carotene products by clicking the boxes below.

Let’s work together

Our innovations are not just our own—our Lyc-O-Beta products are also available as part of our co-branding platform. The corresponding seal is a promise that the Lycored products inside your offerings are non-GMO, GRAS, and come straight from the earth. It’s also an indication that they have been carefully standardized to ensure the levels of nutrients are precise and unchanging. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our Contact page to reach out to a member of our team in your region.

Play Beta Blasters!

See our super producer in action.

Telling people about blakeslea trispora's incredible antioxidative powers is one thing. Sharing those benefits in a retro, arcade-style game is something else entirely. Play the game below or scroll down to learn more about our most unusual innovation yet.


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Join the fight against the Free Radicals.

Emperor Oxide has set up shop inside the cell nucleus and he’s hell-bent on harming the precious DNA inside. With your trusty beta-carotene-powered vitamin A blaster and your carotenoid allies at your side, your mission is to defeat him before it’s too late. But first you’ve got to blast your way past nasty Hemogoblins and Free Radicals. Look out! They could be anywhere.

May the spores be with you.

Meet the Fight-O-Nutrients: your synergistic antioxidant allies.

We’ve found that carotenoids like lutein, astaxanthin, phytofluene, lycopene, and alpha-carotene work even better in the body when they work together, so we’ve embedded a few of these powerful antioxidants in the game to help battle Emperor Oxide and the Free Radicals.

Lieutenant Lutina

Our deadliest sharpshooter. With the eyes of an eagle, Luti can’t fail.

Master Xanthin

A warrior with miraculous and mysterious antioxidant powers.

Fight O’Fluene

This tough, battle-hardened agent will temporarily protect you from all Free Radicals, Hemogoblins, and UV radiation.

Lord Lycopene

Armed to the teeth with antioxidant powers and born ready to fight Free Radicals.

Admiral Alpha

The all-knowing leader of the antioxidant forces, Alpha always has his watchful ion you.

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