Lycopedia – many scientific ways to say tomato

Lycored, a carotenoids and nutrients industry leader, wanted a fresh way to sell the benefits of their hero ingredient: lycopene. So the team concepted and created the Lycopedia, an interactive microsite that charts how lycopene health benefits bodies at every age and stage.

Equipped with an Excel full of study citations, access to the scientists on Lycored’s R&D team, and endless caffeine, the team came together to research and wireframe not only a microsite but also animations of complex mechanisms of action. As the sitting brand and therefore subject matter expert, I had a hand in every stage of the project from researching to working on the UX via wireframes to storyboarding the MoAs. And of course writing the site.

The world’s first lycopene atlas explains how the carotenoid is there for us at every stage of life through a beautiful, interactive scrolling experience. The site is elevated enough for experts while remaining digestible enough for anyone.

Within the first six months or so of creation, viewers spent an average of 3:15 on the page, indicating engagement far beyond the standard. The goal of the experience, besides education, was newsletter signups—36.5% of visitors subscribed via the CTA button at the end of the microsite. In fact, the Lycopedia proved to be so engaging that we created installations of the MoAs and took them on a world tour.