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To celebrate the launch of Lycopedia Japan, we put on an interactive pop-up exhibit in Tokyo full of fun ways to show passersby the benefits of lycopene. Held in the heart of Tokyo at Hiroshige Gallery, the event brought the incredible health benefits of lycopene to life through a series of digital wall projections and fun hands-on games. The installations showed the many positive impacts lycopene can have on our bodies at four different stages of our lives: Early Life, Young Adult, Midlife Adult, and Older Adult.

Once attendees were situated in the reception area, they were provided with a presentation on the Lycopedia to give them an understanding on the purpose of the event and why Lycored is bringing this educational resource to the Japan market. They were then encouraged to explore the installations, play the games, and use the available iPads to take in all the info the Lycopedia has to offer.

The event wasn’t all fun and games though—there was food too, of course. We teamed up with expert chef Yoshie Maruyama of Le Coeur to make one-of-a-kind tomato-based dishes and smoothies just for the occasion. Using wholesome, natural ingredients, she and her team whipped up enough eye-catching finger foods and carotenoid-rich comestibles to keep everyone satisfied (their tomato-carrot-strawberry juice with balsamic and honey was a particularly big hit).

Amidst the delicious goodies and gallery displays, attendees were also treated to a presentation by our lead researcher, Dr. Tal Offer, on the health benefits of lycopene and the research and development Lycored is providing in the field, as well as an in-depth Q&A session afterward.

Dr. Offer wasn’t the only special guest in attendance, either. We asked social media influencers nutritionist Kamihara Naho, beauty specialist Hiromi Morita, and food analyst Kuboi Ayumi what lycopene means to them, and they took to their favorite platforms to share their personal experiences from the event.

Everyone in attendance was intrigued and impressed by the gallery, the Lycopedia, and what Lycored is achieving and looking to achieve in the Japan market. We were grateful to have received such an enthusiastic response, and we can’t wait for the next installment of this interactive exhibit at the upcoming Vitafoods Europe conference in Switzerland.

In the meantime, check out these photos of the event to get a taste of our the Lycopedia Japan launch for yourself.