Lycored Debuts Your New “Best Friend” – Nature-Based Colorant ResilientRed BF– at IFT FIRST


Lycored, the global leader in naturally derived carotenoids for food, beverage, and dietary supplement products, is debuting a new nature-based colorant – ResilientRed™ BF – at the Institute of Food Technologist’s upcoming IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo in Chicago, Illinois from July 14-17 (booth #2034). This is Lycored’s latest addition to their robust lineup of naturally derived hues that provide beautiful and realistic shades to food and beverage products.

Backed by science and formulated to meet growing consumer demands for clean-label foods and beverages, ResilientRed BF is joining Lycored’s family of naturally derived lycopene-based ResilientRed shades sourced from tomatoes. Ideal for UHT dairy and plant-based beverages, plant-based meat alternatives and surimi seafood, ResilientRed BF provides resiliency and stability across pH, light and heat extremes and offers a viscosity for easier flowability. A superstable, versatile colorant, ResilientRed BF is the perfect companion for “free-from” products intended to reach a high-end demographic, specifically meeting ingredient requirements for products sold at Whole Foods Market, and is made without ingredients such as sugar esters or palm oil. Additionally, ResilientRed BF provides a vibrant shade at lower doses, creating both efficiency and value benefits for brands.

“Consumers everywhere are voicing a clear preference for naturally derived rather than artificial colors and are craving a return to more wholesome foods and beverages,” said Caroline Schroeder, Head of Global Marketing, Lycored. “We’re excited for customers, scientists and food experts to meet their new best friend – ResilientRed BF – through interactive demonstrations on the IFT FIRST expo floor and are confident that this new nature-based colorant will satisfy the growing number of consumers who desire premium, clean-label products.”

Lycored will be showcasing ResilientRed BF along with their portfolio of nature-based solutions at booth #2034 during the IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo. Visitors can expect experiences and demonstrations that spotlight the application versatility and performance of ResilientRed BF as brands’ potential new “best friend” in achieving beautiful shades.


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