Lycored Lumenato Emulsions Broadens Customer’s Horizons

In the last few years, Lumenato, our skin structure hero, has hit the news cycle several times with 2 new studies released in the last 2 years demonstrating its benefits for skin. Now Lycored is happy to present a new delivery format:  Lumenato Emulsion! 

The Power of Lumenato

From a breed of golden tomato specifically bred for its beauty characteristics, our team carefully calibrated the natural mix of vital nutrients in Lumenato™. These nutrients work synergistically to support healthy cell signaling, support skin structure, and allow the skin to actively and effectively age beautifully. 

Lumenato’s blend of phytoene and phytofluene supports the skin’s nourishment and bolsters its natural defense systems. It’s not just talk! Lumenato is clinically supported and is a vegan collagen booster and true skin defender promoting the appearance of youthful-looking skin. 

Dive deeper into Lumenato here.

A New Delivery Format: Lumenato Emulsions

Emulsions are two liquid-phase dispersions with one liquid phase dispersed in the other as small droplets. This delivery format allows for the homogeneous delivery and absorption of an active in liquid form. 

That’s the basics of emulsions as discussed in a lab.  

In practice, it means that while Lumenato was originally available in starch beadlets and oleoresin, which allowed for gummy, capsules, dry beverages, nutritional bars, ice creams, and chocolate there was still a need to be filled within the rapidly growing functional beverage market. With the addition of the emulsion offering to the Lumenato family, customers can now bring RTD beverages focused on healthy and beautiful skin to life. 

Opportunities for manufacturers

According to Precedence Research, ingestible skincare is rapidly growing with expectations for the category to grow by hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in the next 10 years. Consumers are still using and buying topical skincare. Still, they are motivated to pursue ingestible skincare as they increasingly understand that skin health can be nurtured from inside and out. 

While more consumers know the potential of ingestible skincare, skincare has become a unique part of self-care habits. In that context, traditional forms of supplements may be disregarded for other more enjoyable and experiential formats. Consumers seek food, candies and beverages to support their health and wellness goals and transform wellness habits into intentional habits throughout their day.   

Lumenato emulsion not only allows for new applications but also offers the opportunity to better fit consumers’ lifestyles and aspirations and accompany them on their journey through wellness. 

Other forms

While the introduction of this new delivery format is exciting, our skin structure hero is still available in starch beadlets and oleoresin and our focus is always to help make your product a success. In all forms and delivery systems, our team is there with any questions you may have. Reach out today to learn more!