Lycored’s Naturally Derived Plant-Based Colors Solutions

Consumer awareness of food, health, and other household products is growing and with that, the demand for naturally derived, plant-based colors is soaring.

In a crowded market, Lycored shines bright as a leader in the market with a few key points: stability, naturally derived, and last but not least: colorful, of course.

Red colors sourced from our Holistic Production

Our plant-based color products are extracted from our two proprietary breads of tomatoes. In the extraction process, all parts of the tomatoes are used to create products of our portfolio.

The tomato serum goes towards our CTC and SANTE. Then the pulp of our red tomatoes is used to create our Lycofibers and the oleoresin that will become our reds and tomato-based nutrients.

And just like that, our red color products produce zero waste from our harvested tomatoes. We bring that extra level of care into every step of our production to bring you high-quality ingredients that your customers can feel confident in.

Planet-friendly colors

Blakeslea Trispora, isn’t just a smart tongue twister. The fungi is naturally very potent in carotenoids, particularly Beta-Carotene – which is the base of  our yellow, gold and orange superstable color collection.  Naturally derived, these cheerful shades cater to the growing demand from consumers to go back to more natural food products.

Plant-based colors for the whole family

When it comes to ensuring the whole family’s satisfaction and well-being, Lycored puts their best selves forward.

Our color family is designed to be pH, high heat, and light stable over shelf-life while providing your customers with beautiful foods and beverages. As our color portfolio is directly extracted from our nature, they are vegan-friendly, halal, kosher, non-GMO, and label-friendly.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our 6 plant-based colors:


The resiliency of this red-to-pink shade shines through fruit preparations, beverages, and seafood. This product not only provides you with a great product story for your consumer but is also up for the challenge of food processing. Stable through pH changes, light, and extreme heat, it offers enticing shades with the added bonus of a label-friendly ingredient.


A particularly well-suited option for vegan and vegetarian products, ResoluteRuby is a great stability performer. This jewel-toned color is a champion achieving true to animal meat hues and true to fruit colors in beverages. It is also well suited for UHT products thanks to its super stability through processing.


Our naturally derived color assures you consistent deep red shades and your consumers with reassurance and trust. Not only does ConstantCrimson perform fantastically in plant-based meats, seafood, UHT products, and fruit preparations, but it’s one of our sustainable stars from our holistic production process.


With its warm yellow-to-orange spectrum, the Beta-Carotene color provides eye-catching hues to gummies, softgels, seafood, plant-based deli slices, fruit preparations, beverages, and more. Always superstable, OrangeOvation competes admirably with other color ingredients without any added taste or smell.


The perfect golden shade for beverages, nutraceuticals, baked goods, confectionery, cheese, plant based meats, egg alternatives, and UHT applications comes available in powder and liquid form for easier formulations. GoldHold is derived from Beta-Carotene and is therefore vegan and label-friendly. Additionally, it is superstable and overperforms many other color options.


Our happy yellow professional provides superstable color from natural origins. StellarYellow is ideal for beverages, and fruit preparations with shades to match lemon, pineapple, apricot, peach and mango. In addition to being naturally derived, our yellow hero allows you to offer vibrant colors evoking sunshine and warmth. All while keeping worries at bay with its wholesome composition.

We could go on and on about the individual marvel of each of our plant-based colors, but in the spirit of keeping our presentation to the point, click on the name of each product to learn more about our colorants.

If you have further questions about your specific needs, we’re here to help! Reach out here to chat with one of our team members.