March 2024 Newsletter

Replacing Red Dye No. 3.

In October 2023, California signed a law banning the use of four food additives that have been raising concerns among consumers. One of these additives is red dye No. 3, typically used in confectionery products. While consumers welcome this move, it could have a significant impact on the food industry.

In our latest blog, we discuss the implications of the California bill and the nature-based alternatives manufacturers can use to replace Red No. 3 and create trust with consumers as the demand for more naturally derived ingredients continues to rise.

Is Collagen Banking the new pathway to younger-looking skin?

Collagen, vital for skin, bone, and ligament health, tends to decrease as we age. Nutraceutical companies have attempted to address this issue by offering collagen supplements. However, questions have arisen about whether the body can absorb collagen in its entirety, and currently, there’s no evidence that collagen supplements can restore the body’s natural loss. Introducing Collagen Banking, a fresh solution that aims to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. Our collagen booster, Lumenato, exemplifies this strategy. Discover how it operates and gain insight into its supporting research below.

Supercharged Gummies: The Lycored Capsudar Solution

One of the challenges of manufacturing gummies is to deliver equal dosages in each stable portion. While some may opt for more overage to make up for less stable actives, others may turn towards more robust encapsulation technology. Our Capsudar has proved its worth as a powerful microencapsulation system and brings significant value to gummy applications. With low overage, and high stability, Capsudar can not only deliver a high-quality product but also save manufacturers time, money, and trouble.

Mark your calendars!

Join us for this year’s Global Interactive Broadcast for the Food Navigator – Positive Nutrition Webinar. Jennifer L. Elegbede, Ph.D., our Global Applications Manager, will share market trends and insights on formulating free from products to meet growing consumer demands with Lycored’s food portfolio.

See y’a in Barcelona

Anna Perelli, one of our European sales manager, will be in attendance at Nutraceuticals at booth C30 on March 6th and 7th.

Make sure to stop by or set up a time to chat about our nutraceutical solutions.