Our friends are spreading the word.


We’ve taken the next step in pushing the meaning of beauty beyond “skin deep” by asking four social media influencers to help us get the message out. Caila Quinn, Courtney Kerr, Nikki Phillippi, and Ann Le each took to thier favorite social platforms to share our video, along with unique and insightful captions revealing what makes them feel beautiful, why this campaign is important, and what they love about the movement with the hashtag #rethinkbeautiful.

We’re excited that our partnership with these four lovely bloggers has resulted in our video being watched over 63,000 times. By shifting the conversation around beauty we’re changing what it can be, and opening the door for more and more people to feel good about defining it for themselves. Join the movement by sharing your own story on Instagram and Twitter @LycoredLTD using the hashtag #ifeelbeautifulwhen.