Lycored’s Naturally Derived Plant-Based Colors Solutions

Consumer awareness of food, health, and other household products is growing and with that, the demand for naturally derived, plant-based colors is soaring. In a crowded market, Lycored shines bright as a leader in the market with a few key points: stability, naturally derived, and last but not least: colorful, of course. Red colors sourced … Continued

First Clinical Study of its Kind Shows Positive Impacts from Astaxanthin During Sport Recovery

A new clinical trial study, published in Frontiers in Nutrition, showed that four weeks of daily, 8mg astaxanthin supplementation offset exercise-induced decreases in 20 plasma immunoglobulins. The findings were especially significant for levels of IgM, the predominant antibody produced early in an immune response. This was a unique human clinical trial that measured physiological responses … Continued

Get to know Lycoinvision™.

  As they age, many people face conditions related to their eyes, such as Age-related Macular Degeneration.  AMD is a common condition in which the disease attacks the macula of the eye, where our sharpest central vision occurs.  While non-lethal, it can lead to severe vision loss and legal blindness. However there’s hope. Regular dietary … Continued