May2024 Newsletter

Explore our naturally derived food ingredients We’re proud to offer ingredients that enhance the taste, texture, and composition of various food applications. Sourced from our tomatoes, these ingredients upgrade your food naturally. Our real food ingredients help create a delightful sensory experience for your customers to enjoy and share. Innovating for the informed consumer Our … Continued

March 2024 Newsletter

Replacing Red Dye No. 3. In October 2023, California signed a law banning the use of four food additives that have been raising concerns among consumers. One of these additives is red dye No. 3, typically used in confectionery products. While consumers welcome this move, it could have a significant impact on the food industry. … Continued

2027 Challenge: Replacing Red Dye No. 3

Artificial red dyes, especially red dye No.3, have been under growing scrutiny in the United States for the past few decades. In light of those concerns, some states are moving to ban the use of red dye No. 3. California has been leading the charge as it announced its ban on October 2023.  What is … Continued

Lycored’s Naturally Derived Plant-Based Colors Solutions

Consumer awareness of food, health, and other household products is growing and with that, the demand for naturally derived, plant-based colors is soaring. In a crowded market, Lycored shines bright as a leader in the market with a few key points: stability, naturally derived, and last but not least: colorful, of course. Red colors sourced … Continued

First Clinical Study of its Kind Shows Positive Impacts from Astaxanthin During Sport Recovery

A new clinical trial study, published in Frontiers in Nutrition, showed that four weeks of daily, 8mg astaxanthin supplementation offset exercise-induced decreases in 20 plasma immunoglobulins. The findings were especially significant for levels of IgM, the predominant antibody produced early in an immune response. This was a unique human clinical trial that measured physiological responses … Continued