Study Shows Synergistic Power of Lumenato® on Skin Structure and Collagen Protection

A pre-clinical study just released in Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology demonstrates impressive benefits to skin structure from using Lycored’s Lumenato® combined with ceramides. The results show combining even low concentrations of ceramides with Lumenato results in synergistic effects within the body that lead to high levels of protection from collagen loss. Over years of … Continued

Discovering the Beauty Within at Supply Side West

Lycored will be exhibiting at the Supply Side West expo in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 25th – 26th (booth #2257). Over 18,000 health and nutrition professionals, together with suppliers and buyers, will explore the latest around food, beverage and supplement innovations and their role in the global business economy. Lycored welcomes attendees to connect … Continued

Lycored’s Heart + Soil Day – A Tradition Rooted in Community

Lycored will be celebrating its 8th annual Heart + Soil Day this month across offices in the United States, Israel and Switzerland. Nature is Lycored’s biggest inspiration, and cutting-edge science is Lycored’s most important ally, but at the heart of it all is community. Heart + Soil Day is grounded in this and giving back … Continued

Study Shows Preventive Effects and Protective Potential of Astaxanthin on Collagen Damage

BRANCHBURG, N.J. – A study recently published in the Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences, found that Lycored’s astaxanthin prevented against collagen damage from neutrophils, discovering its potential to protect collagen and enhance skin health. This study assessed the addition of astaxanthin to neutrophils, the key players in the skin’s immune response and photoaging, and … Continued

First Clinical Study of its Kind Shows Positive Impacts from Astaxanthin During Sport Recovery

A new clinical trial study, published in Frontiers in Nutrition, showed that four weeks of daily, 8mg astaxanthin supplementation offset exercise-induced decreases in 20 plasma immunoglobulins. The findings were especially significant for levels of IgM, the predominant antibody produced early in an immune response. This was a unique human clinical trial that measured physiological responses … Continued

Lycomato® delivers measurable, inclusive results for skin health and appearance

 Daily supplementation with Lycomato®, Lycored’s tomato-derived nutrient complex, delivers beauty results that are scientifically measurable as well as noticeable by consumers after just 4 weeks of use, a new clinical study has found.   The anti-inflammatory properties of carotenoids mean they can support the skin from within, balancing the effects of aging. Sourced from tomatoes, Lycomato … Continued