Lycomato® delivers measurable, inclusive results for skin health and appearance

 Daily supplementation with Lycomato®, Lycored’s tomato-derived nutrient complex, delivers beauty results that are scientifically measurable as well as noticeable by consumers after just 4 weeks of use, a new clinical study has found.   The anti-inflammatory properties of carotenoids mean they can support the skin from within, balancing the effects of aging. Sourced from tomatoes, Lycomato … Continued

Lycopedia – interactive and educational way to learn about lycopene

By creating the Lycopedia, Lycored hopes it will act as a timeless resource that showcases the incredible health benefits of lycopene, the red tomato-derived carotenoid used in food and beverage, lycopene supplement and oral supplementation. From early life, younger adult, midlife adult and older adult, the Lycopedia guides visitors through an interactive journey on Lycopene, … Continued

Lycopedia – many scientific ways to say tomato

Lycored, a carotenoids and nutrients industry leader, wanted a fresh way to sell the benefits of their hero ingredient: lycopene. So the team concepted and created the Lycopedia, an interactive microsite that charts how lycopene health benefits bodies at every age and stage. Equipped with an Excel full of study citations, access to the scientists … Continued

Watch our tomatoes as they grow – a glimpse to wellness

Lycored is offering a virtual glimpse into the fields where it grows the tomatoes for its new skincare ingredient, LumenatoTM. The leader in “cultivating wellness” has set up a webcam in one of its farms in the Galilee Panhandle in Israel. The Lycored Livestream offers a window on the fields where Lycored grows an exotic … Continued

lycored’s new ticket – commitment to minimal industrial waste

Lycored’s commitment to reducing waste has been recognized by one of the world’s premier business awards. The leader in “cultivating wellness” offers a range of ingredients for food and nutrition applications and is committed to minimizing waste as much as possible. Lycored grows its own non-GMO tomatoes extracts and extracts oleoresin from them for supplement … Continued

The secret beauty of Golden tomatoes

Remarkable images have revealed the ‘invisible glow’ naturally found in the golden tomatoes that power Lycored’s new wellness extract, which is designed to help the skin age beautifully. The international wellness company has teamed up with Craig Burrows, a photographer recently featured in National Geographic for using an ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence technique to capture the … Continued