All Lycopene health benefits came to life at Vitafood europe

An interactive installation at Vitafoods Europe will help Lycored bring the health benefits of lycopene to life. Based on the Lycopedia, Lycored’s educational website, the life-size, hands-on games will allow visitors to explore the many benefits of lycopene. One will demonstrate how it helps protect the skin against UV damage, while another will show how … Continued

The extract that will help you to age beautifully

The earth inspires us in everything we do. It’s the reason we established a vertically integrated production process, so we could truly understand and share all of the hidden, vital, and synergistic tomato nutrients. This philosophy extends to Lumenato™ which supports skin health and appearance from within. Yet, it was the outside of our hero … Continued

Cardiovascular health – carotenoids for blood pressure

Healthy blood pressure is consumers’ top cardiovascular wellness goal, research by Lycored has found. The global carotenoid leader surveyed 505 men and women in the U.S. and the U.K.. All were over the age of 50 – the demographic most likely to purchase supplements for cardiovascular health (CVH). Nearly seven in ten (68%) ranked healthy … Continued

Sleep and nutrients for skin health – the key for glowing skin

Skincare consumers believe sleep, nutrition and supplements for skin health are the most important factors in their pursuit of a healthy glow, new research has shown. The study was undertaken by Lycored, who have created a range of assets called the ‘Cycle of Glow’ to highlight the importance of a holistic approach to skin health and … Continued

The science behind Lumenato, natural tomato for skin health

LumenatoTM is a carefully calibrated extract of natural tomato nutrients and antioxidants optimized to work synergistically and offer proven benefits for beauty and skin health and skincare. Extensive testing in clinical settings has shown Lumenato to be bioavailable and to significantly elevate levels of the active phytonutrients. Studies have demonstrated that it can support the … Continued