Product Innovation in Food and Nutricosmetics: Lycored’s Experts Give Their Two Cents

In recent years, both the food and nutricosmetics industries have been growing and attracting a more knowledgeable audience. Consumers are eager to use more efficient and wholesome products in both food and beauty and show more and more interest in the science behind active ingredients and nutrients.

Here is the advice of our experts in developing products that fit these new demands:

Product Innovation in Food

Our Global Applications Manager, Jennifer Elegbede, Ph.D., spoke with Food & Beverage Insider about Lycored’s possibilities in plant-based meat alternatives. As consumers become more aware of the impact of their consumption on the planet, some are choosing to turn towards more flexitarian habits. In other words, consumers are being more purposeful and attentive about their meat consumption.

And while some consumers are comfortable finding protein in different forms, others prefer for their alternative to meat to be as close as possible to real meat in taste, texture, and appearance.

Elegbede points to Lycored’s products as potential solutions to help reach an authentic alternative: “Lycored’s portfolio provides benefits across the category, from whole-muscle foods to burgers, deli meats, and frankfurters.”

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Product Innovation in Nutracosmetics

While skincare seems to still be a strong trend and is here to stay, consumers are taking their skin health journey to the next step. Beauty fiends want to help their skincare work better by supplementing their skin from the inside. Therefore, they are turning towards nutraceuticals with skin health benefits. To answer this demand, we are seeing more and more products with skin benefits claims appear on the market.

In parallel, consumers are becoming more conscious of the various ingredients and their proposed benefits in this space and are searching for evidence to match the claims.  This awareness is creating an educated consumer that aims to find documented efficiency in the products they purchase.

According to our Head of Claims and Clinical Affairs, Elizabeth Tarshish, Ph. D., that is Lycored’s strong suit: “Lycored’s ingestible beauty portfolio offers science-backed solutions designed to release beauty from within and help consumers look and feel their best.”

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