That’s what the consumers think will keep their skin healthy – Lycored’s survey

Skincare consumers believe sleep and nutrition are the most important factors in their pursuit of a healthy skin and  glow, new research has shown. The study was undertaken by Lycored, who have created a range of assets called the ‘Cycle of Glow’ to highlight the importance of a holistic approach and natural skincare  and wellness.

Lycored, who are at the forefront of the ingestible skincare market, surveyed over 500 regular users of skincare natural products in six different countries.* Almost all (98%) agreed with the statement “Good nutrition is necessary to achieve a healthy glow.”

When the consumers were asked which factors were most likely to provide their skin with a glow, the second highest score was for healthy diet / nutrition, which was picked by 65% of survey respondents, second only to getting the right amount of sleep (66 %). Both factors ranked higher than skin hydration (56%), or skincare products applied physically to the skin (39%).