The Next Big Things For The Health Industry

The new year started a little over a month ago, and we’re already starting to see what will have a big impact on the health industry. Here are a few trends we expect to pick up some steam in 2024.

Plant-based Proteins

Vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian don’t matter much anymore. Consumers who shop for plant-based protein sources are no longer limited to the latter labels. Instead, consumers are growing more and more conscious about the impact of their grocery shopping on the planet.

Reducing one’s impact on the environment is not the only motivation to introduce more non-animal protein. Others may be motivated by the health benefits of a plant-based diet, or out of concern for the animal condition in the meat industry.

Regardless of motivations, the plant-based market is growing and diversifying. We can expect to see an impact beyond the food industry and within the health industry.

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The Health Industry Turns to Biohacking

Biohacking refers to the do-it-yourself biology. People may make incremental changes to their diet, lifestyle, and overall health and well-being to optimize bodily functions and performance.

The trend, which started online, has been growing in popularity. Biohacking and the tech industry seem to have recently joined efforts to help consumers understand more about their bodies and their specific needs. Smartphones and specific apps have been tracking steps, cycles, workouts, heart rate, and a wide array of information about our bodies for a long time. This started a new branch of the biohacking movement, as some companies can analyze this data and help consumers make choices that make sense for them.

While companies have been offering customized supplements to their customers for a few years now we can expect the impact of tech and mass data extraction to give way to even more customized products.

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Workouts Take a Deep Breath

With a growing focus on mindfulness in approaching health and wellness, consumers are taking a step back from intense and high-impact workouts. While not a bad way to work, high-impact workouts are less accessible to some and can be intimidating to people who wish to exercise more without material or hard recovery.

Consumers also wish to have a more sustainable approach to working out and prefer workouts that can be done with more sustainable gear and materials.

For those reasons, workouts such as yoga. barre and pilates are becoming more popular. With this new demographic of people in the workout space, we can expect to see more products, supplements, and support to fit their needs.

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The Health Industry Doesn’t Sleep, But Consumers Do

As mentioned, consumers are taking a more mindful approach to their health. In that context, they may start favoring sleep over productivity-driven activities.

Experts say it best, sleep is one of the best ways for the body to recover and maintain its wellness. Lack of sleep can have a serious impact on one’s health.

With the help of biohacking technologies, the health industry will probably see a renewed state of the sleep category, aimed at offering solutions to those who want to achieve better sleep or want to start tracking it better.

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Healthy indulgences

Lastly, health is best, but happiness is king. While consumers are focusing on their health and well-being more and in evolving ways, pleasure and indulgence is not going away. Contrary to earlier health movements, consumers do not want to cut out their comfort and mindful habits. They will have chocolate, carbs, and fat, but they want to make sure that they can choose the source and composition of their indulgences.

To feed those indulgences, we may see more ready foods and ingredients with less sugar and salt. Our SANTE is one of the many solutions manufacturers can rely on to differentiate themselves from standard products on the shelves this year.


These trends and movements in the health industry are all exciting developments for manufacturers and suppliers, and we–for one–cannot wait to see what innovation comes forth in the next few months.