The road to Heart + Soil Day

This Heart + Soil Day, we partnered with The Pothole Gardener to prove that beauty can spring from even the smallest of places. On September 26th, we celebrated our favorite holiday by getting our hands (and knees) dirty and planting tiny gardens in potholes and sidewalk cracks around town.

We sent out kits to friends, partners like Trapeze and Objective Wellness, and non-profits around the world that were filled with all the essentials needed to turn once neglected parts of neighborhoods into whimsical surprises for those who stumble upon them.

Next month, our team will print a custom 2019 calendar featuring some of the tiny gardens we created and give them to the residents of a nearby senior citizens home. Seeing is be-leafing, so scroll down to see some snaps from the gardens, and see more about how we’ve celebrated Heart + Soil Day in the past here.

Adama | Paris, FranceTrapeze | Sydney, AustraliaMadwell | Brooklyn, New YorkYonatan School | Raanana, IsraelNutranext | Santa Cruz, CA