We are all makers.

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Lately, I’ve found myself craving the satisfaction that comes from creating; physically putting hands to work and making things. I grew up in a family that was always creating things. The smell of sawdust is one that instantly transports me back to my childhood. My father would lend me his tools and become frustrated when I misplaced them. I’ve since learned the importance of looking after my own tools in preparation for the next task, but I have yet to fulfill my dream of building a workshop where anything I imagine can be created.

I believe that as humans we need to answer our own personal calling to create, whether that be cooking from scratch, building furniture or perfecting a life-long work. There are three stages to making: the planning, the act of building, and the enjoyment that comes from using and appreciating the final product.

Three months ago some friends and I started refurbishing our hand-built camper van. This vehicle has become my pride and joy as well as an integral part of my career as a traveling photographer and filmmaker. The repairing process has been long and intensive, filled with many moments of both despair and joy. Rust has turned to solid metal, the worn parts have been replaced and the old made new again. Now, with the task complete, I have been left with an overwhelming yet calming sense of accomplishment.

In our world of digital realms, websites, and apps, we need to be all the more conscious of setting aside time for the act of creating. This isn’t limited to camper van repairs. It can be anything from filling kitchens with the smell of home cooking to washing paint brushes or even finding satisfaction in pushing our bodies to do remarkable things. No matter how you choose to create, you can make sure your body stands up to the exertions imposed on it by eating a healthy diet and getting the proper nutrition. With the wealth of nutrients found in fruits and veggies, it’s easy to create your favorite dishes with fresh, wholesome ingredients. You might even be inspired to take it a step further and plant your own vegetable garden for a even more holistic experience.

Making from scratch can be daunting, but the next time you go to buy something new, stop for a second and ask yourself it you could make it. Could you learn a new skill in the process and be left with a bigger smile on your face at the end of it? If just once a month we turned from “buyers” into ‘‘makers” we would all be the happier for it.

In the modern world where every act is made easier by technology, it’s important to enjoy those bodily aches and pains of a productive day. You’ve earned them.

Lycored Adventure Ambassador Calum Creasey is an accomplished cinematographer, writer, and photographer whose work conveys a deep love of storytelling. He is most content when capturing life’s small, happy moments with his camera. He also loves spending time on the road in his camper van, as documented in his book The Rolling Home.