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At Lycored, we’re always looking for exciting new partnerships. As of earlier this month, Prinova will be the exclusive distributor of our lycopene and beta carotene-based natural colors in the USA and Canada. Prinova, based in Carol Stream, Illinois, is a leading supplier of high-quality ingredients, flavors, and value-added nutrient fortification products.

Consumers want food and beverage products that are free from artificial colors and synthetic food dyes. Larry Davis, Commercial Director, Food & Beverage, Prinova says, “the clean label trend continues to drive formulation in [the] industry…”  As a result more and more companies, including major brands like Kraft, Panera, and Subway, are seeking natural, consistent clean label solutions in order to reformulate their products without artificial ingredients. Davis acknowledged that “[Prinova] needed to find a naturally sourced, vertically integrated, trusted supplier partner that could meet this customer demand.” Enter Lycored.

According to Mintel data, over one-third of US consumers have indicated they are interested in “free-from artificial color” claims. And, that number is even higher among millennials, with 43% of millennial moms and 31% of millennial dads interested in products with “free from artificial color” claims. Thomas Adler, VP Food Division, Lycored says, “our high performing natural colors are the ideal clean label solution for food and beverage manufacturers transitioning from artificial to natural colors.” The Lycored natural color line includes Tomatored® and Lycobeta® natural red, orange and yellow colorings. Heat, light and pH stable, manufacturers can consistently achieve the authentic appearance desired in their products.

The partnership between Lycored and Prinova is not only great news for both companies, but also for consumers. According to Davis, “customers will quickly see… benefit[s] from the combination of Prinova’s applications expertise, Lycored’s technical support and the value of Prinova’s distribution network.” Lycored’s natural products create a clean label solution for manufacturers, which allows Prinova to “offer a total start-to-finish clean label concept from an applications standpoint” according to Davis. We’re excited to improve the accessibility of natural food and beverage solutions, and we look forward to a prosperous partnership.