Lycored Wellness Extracts

Delivering wellness the way nature intended it.


Harnessing the harmony of nature’s gifts.

Lycored Wellness Extracts are the foundation of some of our best-selling products, and shining examples of what happens when nutrients are carefully harnessed in a form that’s as close to the way they’re found in nature as possible and then optimized for all kinds of health support. Whether it’s preserving the careful balance of phytonutrients from tomatoes, marigolds or algae oleoresins, all of our extracts are precisely balanced with synergistic compounds that work together to deliver innovative and powerful wellness.

Wellness is a team sport.

Synergy is the name of the game when it comes to delivering the greatest wellness possible from natural carotenoids—and it’s the core idea behind our Wellness Extracts. Originally inspired by the complementary roles different nutrients play in the Mediterranean diet, we’ve spent decades learning about, testing and refining the ways our powerful nutrients work together at the cellular level—are we’re proud to offer you products that not only work well on their own but also make ideal partners for taking wellness to new heights.

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