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The pursuit of wellness has no finish line. It’s a continuous process of exploration, discovery, and growth that we call cultivating wellness. This philosophy reminds us to approach wellness from the inside out, and to stay encouraged throughout our personal wellness journeys. And with our virtual wellness retreats, you can experience it like never before.

Not only will you learn from our lead scientists about some of our recent advancements in wellness and research that’s supporting our mission to our look and feel, but we’ll be making it real with exercises like a chair yoga session that help us cultivate our own inner beauty.

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We’re always looking for ways to help foster wellness among our friends and partners around the world. That’s why we’re so excited you are invited to our next littleglow Wellness Retreat. Register below to participate in this wellness movement.

If you’re new to us, we’ve been helping people activate their inner glow by promoting mindfulness, positivity and gratitude and giving people a place to focus on their own strengths and inner beauty through letters written to themselves and anonymously to others in need during the pandemic.

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There are several qualifications we take into consideration when developing our business partnerships, such as the potential market, target customers, and trend forecasting. Reach out to one of our representatives for an in-depth analysis of our synergistic compatibility.

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When you add one of our Lycored Nutrient Complex seals to your product, you empower it with the best scientific and market research in the supplement and nutrition field.

We’ve compiled highlights from this research into the materials below. Dive in to learn how we can elevate your product above the competition.

An extensive range

One solution doesn’t fit all. That’s why we developed proprietary nutrient blends for a wide range of applications. Explore our fields of innovation to discover which can best elevate your business.

Nourishing inner beauty

When it comes to skin health and wellness, we’re pioneering the field both in our award-winning research and in our innovative #rethinkbeautiful campaign.

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We’ve made a positive impact by encouraging new friends around the world to embrace their inner beauty, but don’t take our word for it. See the impact of supplementing with Lycoderm in this video from our recent study.

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In our Beyond Skin Deep ebook, we delve into the key consumer behaviors that are driving Lycoderm’s™ success in the ingestible skincare market. Learn how shifting cultural perceptions around beauty are creating this market opportunity.

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