Food and Beverages Ingredients – Our label-friendly food portfolio

Customers are becoming more aware of food ingredients and the demand for products to be as natural as possible has been steadily growing. 

Manufacturing food in significant quantities that makes its way to consumers’ plates requires some ingredient adjustments to allow for stability. But artificial ingredients are not the only solutions. In the case of texture, color and taste, our naturally derived real food ingredients and color solutions are here to help provide more wholesome options for consumers. 

What are real food ingredients?

Lycored’s real food ingredients are our proprietary food texture, and taste ingredients derived from tomatoes formulated to bring food products taste enhancement, mouthfeel, and a burst of flavor while allowing for salt and sugar reduction.  

Because our products are all naturally derived from tomatoes, they are clean-label and consumer-friendly. Real food ingredients allow for the production of efficient products with no compromise on quality. 

Moreover, those ingredients are part of our holistic production. All ingredients are extracted from the tomato, leaving no waste! 

Tasteful Solutions

CTC and SANTE are our taste enhancers extraordinaire. 

CTC, Clear Tomato Concentrate, acts as an effective taste runner in tomato and vegetable recipes, drawing out a wholesome tomato flavor to the palate. It is especially effective in recipes that have reduced amounts of tomato paste. 

SANTE enhances sweetness, saltiness and savory characteristics with notes of umami and kokumi. In a broad range of applications making your ingredients come alive for consumers to enjoy. It is a natural, clean-label solution for flavor-intense, savory products that are free from or reduced in salt, sugar, MSG, artificial taste ingredients and yeast extracts. 

Natural Texture

Lycofibers adds wholesome and authentic texture. It is gently sourced from our breed of tomatoes and provides a fiber effect. Excellent in modifying the pulpiness and viscosity of sauces, soups and ready meals. 

Lycofibers facilitates the removal of modified starch in some formulations and can increase the yield in sauce and tomato paste recipes. 

Colorful Food Ingredients

Colors in food are both a very passionate and essential topic for consumers. In recent years, artificial colors have been under growing scrutiny, and some prefer to avoid them altogether. But we also know that color is an important part of the sensory journey that is food consumption (we wrote a little bit about it here).

Our color portfolio can help close the gap between the demand for more natural and wholesome products while still offering bright and eye-catching foods. Our colors are pH, light, and heat stable, certified kosher and halal, and are vegan friendly and non-GMO.

Explore our colors family below:

They are robust, with longer shelf life and offer more packaging, display and storage flexibility compared to some natural and artificial alternatives. 

Find your perfect shade for your product here.