July 2024 Newsletter

Mark you calendars: July 15th, 2024

Coming July 15th, at IFT, booth #2034, Lycored will be expanding its portfolio and introducing the industry to its new best friend.

Curious to meet this new product and explore how it may help your food and beverage products? Join us at our booth for the launch.

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How to Win Over the Plant-Based Meat Category

While the plant-based meats category may be consolidating, many consumers have yet to actually taste a plant-based alternative to meat. What should plant-based meat manufacturers and brand be doing to captivate current and future consumers? We delve into this topic in our monthly blog linked above.

Beyond the naked eye

Lutein is a powerful antioxidant that supports eye, skin and brain health.

And when coupled with another active, like zeaxanthin, lutein’s eye health properties can be even more powerful.

Mark your calendars!

We have a busy month ahead.

July 15th-17th: Come meet our team at IFT and find out what we have been plotting at booth #2034.

July 18th: Join our Beauty from Within webinar and explore the trends in products and ingredients in the burgeoning category.