Plant Based Meat: How to Win the Market Now

Part trend, part environmental solution, part ideological, there are a lot of moving parts in the plant-based meat industry. We’ve seen quick changes in both the offer and demand within the category, and it looks like consumers are waiting for some changes Market Slows Down In the US, sales in the plant-based meat categories have … Continued

Lycored Lumenato Emulsions Broadens Customer’s Horizons

In the last few years, Lumenato, our skin structure hero, has hit the news cycle several times with 2 new studies released in the last 2 years demonstrating its benefits for skin. Now Lycored is happy to present a new delivery format:  Lumenato Emulsion!  The Power of Lumenato From a breed of golden tomato specifically … Continued

May2024 Newsletter

Explore our naturally derived food ingredients We’re proud to offer ingredients that enhance the taste, texture, and composition of various food applications. Sourced from our tomatoes, these ingredients upgrade your food naturally. Our real food ingredients help create a delightful sensory experience for your customers to enjoy and share. Innovating for the informed consumer Our … Continued

April 2024 Newsletter

Better Together: Lumenato and Ceramides. The recent pre-clinical study in Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology highlights the impressive benefits to skin structure from Lycored’s Lumenato® combined with ceramides. The study demonstrates that even minimal concentrations of ceramides, in synergy with Lumenato, provide substantial protection against collagen loss.   Fortifying foods: making a success of it … Continued

The stakes of food fortification

Nutritional deficiencies can gravely impact one’s life, especially for mothers-to-be and young children. Food fortification is one of the tools that can be used to curb those effects. What is food fortification? Food fortification refers to the act of adding vitamins or minerals to a food during processing to increase its nutritional value and has … Continued

March 2024 Newsletter

Replacing Red Dye No. 3. In October 2023, California signed a law banning the use of four food additives that have been raising concerns among consumers. One of these additives is red dye No. 3, typically used in confectionery products. While consumers welcome this move, it could have a significant impact on the food industry. … Continued