Study Shows Synergistic Power of Lumenato® on Skin Structure and Collagen Protection

A pre-clinical study just released in Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology demonstrates impressive benefits to skin structure from using Lycored’s Lumenato® combined with ceramides. The results show combining even low concentrations of ceramides with Lumenato results in synergistic effects within the body that lead to high levels of protection from collagen loss. Over years of … Continued

The Next Big Things For The Health Industry

The new year started a little over a month ago, and we’re already starting to see what will have a big impact on the health industry. Here are a few trends we expect to pick up some steam in 2024. Plant-based Proteins Vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian don’t matter much anymore. Consumers who shop for plant-based … Continued

Lycored’s Naturally Derived Plant-Based Colors Solutions

Consumer awareness of food, health, and other household products is growing and with that, the demand for naturally derived, plant-based colors is soaring. In a crowded market, Lycored shines bright as a leader in the market with a few key points: stability, naturally derived, and last but not least: colorful, of course. Red colors sourced … Continued

Lumenato®, our skin barrier and structure enhancing hero

Lumenato‘s most recent study is out and shows great skin barrier and structure results. Born from our dedication to perfecting solvent-free extraction and our uniquely potent yellow tomatoes, Lumenato has revealed itself as a skin structure flagship of the Lycored portfolio. Collagen Support You’ve probably heard it said that the skin is the body’s biggest … Continued

Study confirms powerful effects of Lumenato® on improving skin structure and enhancing beauty from within

A study recently published in Dermatologic Therapy found that Lycored’s Lumenato® contains protective qualities that improve the skin barrier, collagen and ceramide condition after 12 weeks of daily supplementation.   Sourced from Lycored’s golden tomatoes, Lumenato is made up of colorless carotenoids including beta-carotene, zeta-carotene, phytoene and phytofluene, and healthy lipids, that together create an ideal … Continued

Food and Beverages Ingredients – Our label-friendly food portfolio

Customers are becoming more aware of food ingredients and the demand for products to be as natural as possible has been steadily growing.  Manufacturing food in significant quantities that makes its way to consumers’ plates requires some ingredient adjustments to allow for stability. But artificial ingredients are not the only solutions. In the case of … Continued