3 ways Lycored centers sustainability in its Holistic Production

Since its start, Lycored has found wonder and connection with nature and the beauty it provides. This connection runs deeper than sharing the beautiful colors, tastes, textures, and phytonutrients found in nature; it’s a connection that guides our innovation to explore what else nature has to offer while caring for the planet through sustainability to foster … Continued

First Clinical Study of its Kind Shows Positive Impacts from Astaxanthin During Sport Recovery

A new clinical trial study, published in Frontiers in Nutrition, showed that four weeks of daily, 8mg astaxanthin supplementation offset exercise-induced decreases in 20 plasma immunoglobulins. The findings were especially significant for levels of IgM, the predominant antibody produced early in an immune response. This was a unique human clinical trial that measured physiological responses … Continued

Lycomato® delivers measurable, inclusive results for skin health and appearance

 Daily supplementation with Lycomato®, Lycored’s tomato-derived nutrient complex, delivers beauty results that are scientifically measurable as well as noticeable by consumers after just 4 weeks of use, a new clinical study has found.   The anti-inflammatory properties of carotenoids mean they can support the skin from within, balancing the effects of aging. Sourced from tomatoes, Lycomato … Continued

Showing up with heart

We would be nothing without the plants that inspire us or the communities that sustain us—and treasuring the interconnectedness of these relationships is what Heart+Soil Day is all about. This year, our teams around the world kept the fun going by: helping with the fruit and vegetable harvest at a farm in Israel dedicated to … Continued

Generating connection

To kick off the Heart+Soil Day celebrations at our New Jersey offices this week, we invited folks to come crank our positivity generator and take a moment to think about what they want to see happen for a better planet. Meanwhile, each spin of good energy powered our mysterious and otherworldly monolith which landed at … Continued

Our stream team

We may take our commitment to maximizing product purity and efficacy very seriously, but we also know the importance of documenting it’s true beauty— and for channeling the creative muses. Check out some of the fun our crew got into as they were on location for launching our holistic production livestream.