The power of a single love letter. from Lycored on Vimeo.

The power of a single love letter.

Despite its seemingly simple nature, the process of writing oneself a love letter is an incredible thing. Our own Customer Experience Lead, Delores Thomas, participated in our Letters of Love campaign, and she’s graciously shared her own powerful experience below:

“I received my letter on May 29th, a little over a month after I sent it. I was amazed at how I felt when I read it, because I didn’t remember what I felt like when I wrote it. I wrote down a note to myself the day I received the letter. It said: Today I received my love letter and just like today, the day I wrote it was also a good day. Keep looking up. This was something I really needed to hear, because I had recently visited the doctor due to stress. The doctor told me, much to my relief, that all I needed to do was tone down and relax. Receiving the love letter showed me that I was doing just what the doctor ordered.

I’m sharing this experience with my customers, especially the ones who have known me for years, because it’s important to remember that you never know what someone is going through. What I love about Letters of Love is that it gives you the opportunity to privately speak to yourself for a moment and let go. Connecting where we are in life when we write the love letter to where we are when we get it back truly allows us to tap into this experience.”