Authentic, natural beverage colors come shining through

For consumers in the Instagram generation, visual appeal is everything. Adding color to a beverage product is a great way to increase its sensory appeal and ensure it looks true to flavor, particularly with fruit flavoured products.

Lycored’s colors come from mother nature using innovative methods that leverage a proprietary lycopene-rich tomato breed, and Beta-Carotene from Blakeslea Trispora.

Across the spectrum our natural colors are synergistic with Vitamin C, and being pH-independent can withstand challenging beverage and juice applications. You’ll be glad to know all of our colors have passed typical beverage shelf life in stability tests and many go even further to a 12 month shelf life. This included evaluation for sedimentation, fading and ringing.

In applications with both juice and pulp, our colors will help you achieve that natural, consistent look your consumers will love.

Meet our cast of superstable natural colors

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Unique, true-to-fruit shades to associate with typical fruits and flavors

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Discover the fruits of our labor for yourself

We set out to test the stability credentials of our cast of all-natural colors for flavored waters, one of the fastest-growing non-alcoholic beverage categories.


Our study looked at standard flavored water bases not containing juices or fruit (but is relevant for both carbonates and RTDs), measured across six key criteria when selecting natural color sources:

Clarity vs Cloudiness

While typical shelf-life for these types of fruit beverages is six to nine months, Lycored checked for advanced talent to the 12-month mark. Those showing stability to 12 months are the star performers allowing extended shelf-life with high-quality visual appeal even beyond the standard life-cycle.

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Vivid food colors with clear advantage

Many natural colors, particularly anthocyanins, are variable in shade under various pH conditions. Lycopene red coloring from tomato, and yellow and oranges from Beta-Carotene, is extremely stable due to the carotanoid pigment source.
Many natural source colors such as anthocyanins degrade in color alongside this popularly used anti-oxidant and functional ingredient. Our carotenoid based colors buck the trend. They work together for a longer lasting vivid hue.
Many of our stellar cast of colors go beyond the typical shelf life of beverage applications and stretch to 12 months. Every shade family has a representative depending on your desired hue.
Fruit pulp can sometimes lose its color and look white and sediment-like, while the liquid or juice retains its color. Our lycopene based shades can support your aim for consistency.

Holding steady across the pH spectrum

We benchmarked against Black Carrot across a range of pH levels that are typical in beverage applications. The results speak for themselves

Looking for the perfect natural color match for your products?

You’ll find it on HueFinder™, our unique online color matching platform for exploring new natural food and beverage color possibilities for your categories.

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