The year in carotenoids


Every project that we undertake is important to us. However, there are a few from this year that have stood out as especially exciting and meaningful. Our research was recognized on numerous occasions in 2016, with studies we conducted on both skin and heart health being published in leading journals. Our innovations in heart health were also acknowledged when Cardiomato™ was awarded a trophy at the Nutraingredients Awards.

We had a blast at various tradeshows, including Expo West, where our booth felt like a home away from home, SupplySide West where we revealed our seal, and the NBJ Summit where we took our friends on a fun adventure. We also introduced the world to a unique digital adventure through Beta Blasters!

We didn’t forget to give back, with Heart + Soil Day spreading joy to communities from New Jersey to Cannes. Our ongoing initiative to #rethinkbeautiful is encouraging and inspiring everyone to redefine and celebrate beauty on their own terms. And, we were thrilled to see everything we stand for summated in our Cultivating Wellness video.

We’re proud of the work we did in 2016, and we’re looking forward to applying the same passion and dedication to what’s coming up in 2017.