Between a rock and a heart place

Balanced wellness takes many nutrients working together, but the one we most often forget to take is Vitamin Me… taking time to be present, caring for ourselves and finding gratitude for the gifts around us. It’s especially true when we’re busy or caught up in the rush of meetings or conferences.

So as a vitamins producer and official sponsor of SupplySide West this year, we thought we’d spread some positivity to help boost the spirits of attendees with a dose of “Vitamin Me” tied to our mission to nurture physical and emotional wellness. We turned our entire booth into a “You rock” art gallery that offered people a way to give themselves and others a message of encouragement alongside a journey through the key ingredients in our holistic approach to wellness and nutrition. The gallery featured a spinning gem monolith with facets covered in notes of positivity written by our global community, a mirror for affirmative self-reflection and an artistic homage to the beautiful balance and elegant synergy of the steps in our process of developing, creating and delivering natural wellness supplements, nutrients and extracts.

From the clinical research and testing that proves our nature-inspired insights to our vertically integrated production and the careful extraction and microencapsulation that ensures the stability and bioavailability of our ingredients, our precise methods.