Lumenato®, our skin barrier and structure enhancing hero

Lumenato‘s most recent study is out and shows great skin barrier and structure results.

Born from our dedication to perfecting solvent-free extraction and our uniquely potent yellow tomatoes, Lumenato has revealed itself as a skin structure flagship of the Lycored portfolio.

Collagen Support

You’ve probably heard it said that the skin is the body’s biggest organ and is also of great importance, as it is often the first line of defense from outside aggression, like UV rays and pollution. While under attack, the skin’s immune system reacts to help renew the skin’s integrity. In this process and as we age, this immune response and its intracellular matrix can sometimes cause collagen damage and ceramide loss.




In a gene expression study, Lumenato was found to influence the gene ​responsible for converting ceramides to glucosylceramides. The ceramides help support collagen in the skin which is essential to its structure and firmness.

Skin Structure

Skin elasticity is a critical characteristic of healthy skin and plays a significant role in skin appearance. When the skin loses its elasticity due to age or external factors such as sun exposure, smoking or poor skincare, it can appear to sag and develop more wrinkles.

In our most recent study, Lumenato showed better distensibility amplitude, meaning the skin resisted better to force, signifying firmer skin.

Lumeanto and Skin Barrier

The skin barrier is a pretty hot topic at the moment. While skincare is becoming more and more of a must, people are learning about their skin’s needs and hence about the need to protect it. One way to do that is to support the skin’s natural line of defense, also known as the skin barrier.

During our study on the influence of Lumenato on skin structure, the skin barrier was tested by repeated tape-stripping disruption to emulate a process in which the protective layer of the skin was under attack. After supplementation, the participant’s skin barrier was stronger as it needed more stripping to be disrupted. Lumenato supplementation also appeared to accelerate the skin barrier’s repair process.

Trans Epidermal Water Loss

Also known as TEWL, is used to describe the amount of water lost across the outer layer of skin. And like skin barrier, it is a trending talking point at the moment as consumers get more accustomed to skin health.

While topical skincare is important, nutrition can also make or break the skin barrier and influence TEWL. Supporting those processes through supplementation with Lumenao showed reduced TEWL. When the skin retains moisture, it not only remains firm and bright, but it’s also healthier in the long run.

Lumenato never ceases to amaze us through its wealth of skin benefits. If you would like to learn more about our proprietary extract and how it could work for your product, reach out to the team today!