Lycored Invites You to Discover the Beauty Within, a Virtual Experience

In anticipation of the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual expo, we prepared a new special way to explore our portfolio of food and health products in the form of a virtual experience.

We are long believers in discovering the beauty within. In nature, our main source of inspiration and raw materials. And within each and every one of us, who make it all possible. The symbiosis between the beauty of nature and science is where our experience starts.

Let’s explore our portfolio through the pillars we keep at the center of our innovation; looking, tasting and feeling.




Dive deeper into our tomatoes. Our mascot ingredient is the hero behind our beautiful red shades. Loyal to our values, our pink to red shades allow for a cleaner label and are naturally derived, to give you confidence in your formulations.

We also extract our phytonutrients from our red and golden tomatoes, supporting beauty from the inside out. The products created from these extractions have shown great potential for skin health, appearance and protection from external stressors. Each active can work synergistically to support healthy cell signaling, allowing the skin to actively age beautifully.

Next, get a close look at Blakeslea Trispora, the source of our yellow to orange hues! This friendly funghi gives you the formulation freedom to enhance the visual beauty of your food, beverage and health applications.



We definitely love a good-looking plate and understand that taste and sensory experiences feed the body and mind. Through our line of taste and texture products, we hope to strengthen the clean eating experience for our customers and their consumers.

Discover the incredible umami and kokumi provided by SANTE. Extracted from our red tomatoes grown in Israel and California, this serum and fibrous pulp is used for both SANTE liquid and powder in sweet and savory applications.

Extracted in the same fashion, CTC helps intensifies the taste of your tomato in recipes.

Both can be used with or without Lycored’s LycoFibers. Our natural fiber delivers authentic texture and helps reduce the use of tomato paste for a pleasing mouthfeel.



There is beauty in finding ways to answer the needs of consumers for cleaner, natural products they can trust.

Through our portfolio, we help support a feeling of health, wellness, and beauty. All while supporting brands in their mission to provide innovative products with clean labels and premium ingredients.


Beyond Lycored’s virtual experience, is a dedicated team eager to share the beauty that inspires us every day. Let’s talk about how our products can help you discover the beauty within.