The extract that will help you to age beautifully

The earth inspires us in everything we do. It’s the reason we established a
vertically integrated production process, so we could truly understand and share
all of the hidden, vital, and synergistic tomato nutrients. This
philosophy extends to Lumenato™ which supports skin health and appearance from within.
Yet, it was the outside of our hero fruit that truly clarified our mission. As we
watched the sun gently coax the tomatoes in our fields to ripen, we
realized that given the right tools, smooth, supple skin is possible.

But that was just the beginning. Our skincare specific breed of tomatoes
contains high ratios of phytoene and phytofluene than are typically found in
our hero fruit. We’ve spent years developing our superfood nutrient
complex for beauty parameters knowing that phytoene and
phytofluene are scarce in most plants. Because of this work, we’re now able to
go deeper

The carefully calibrated natural mix of vital nutrients found in Lumenato™
works synergistically to support healthy cell signaling, allowing actively
and efectively the skin to age beautifully and compliment a topical routine.

              Get nature all out

Nature provides results for us in Lumenato – it is not our job to disrupt
it, but to listen and grow where it leads. This is responsible for our holistic
production methodology, our unique answer to vertical integration, as well as
our breed processing technology which is a perfect expression of how we
harness the power of phytonutrients on a daily basis. All of our techniques are
innovative by nature because they areborn of it. And we could not be

First, we make the optimal conditions by finding the perfect temperature and
pressure. We then investigate how to yield maximum results through minimal
force. This makes it easier to detect the colorless carotenoids for skincare, phytoene and
phytofluene, as well as preserve the structure of the nutrients, and enhance
their bioavailability. By forgoing a solvent extraction, we maintain the full
natural assortment of beneficial molecules to support a solvent free
declaration for ingestible skincare applications.