Resolutionary warmth

This New Year’s Eve, we celebrated the changing year and the relaunch of our newly updated littleglow app by teaming up with the folks at the Magic Mountain ski area in Vermont to screen Pathfinder, the film we coproduced that follows a group of European highwire walkers as they embarked on a first-of-its-kind journey to … Continued

Checking in with the glow getters

Just like the way we nourish our skin through both inner and outer care, feeling good inside also takes a holistic balance of mental, physical and emotional self-care—something that’s been harder or many of us during the pandemic. So, to get some inspiration, we talked to the pros—the ever-youthful team at Magic Mountain—and asked them … Continued

Between a rock and a heart place

Balanced wellness takes many nutrients working together, but the one we most often forget to take is Vitamin Me… taking time to be present, caring for ourselves and finding gratitude for the gifts around us. It’s especially true when we’re busy or caught up in the rush of meetings or conferences. So as a vitamins … Continued

Every little move counts.

Movember, and the movement’s mustaches, have become synonymous with men’s health and wellness. A few members of our team and extended family have been spotted sporting our own ‘asta-staches to support the cause. See some pics of our team wearing silly fake seaweed moustaches—which were inspired by astaxanthin’s algae origins and skin protecting powers.

The taste of plant-based

At Flavor Experience 2021 in Monterey, we treated attendees to a Bloody Mary Snack mix with ingredients enhanced with our natural flavor booster, SANTE. Derived from tomatoes, SANTE is not only a healthy alternative to sodium-laden MSG that helps reduce the risk of hypertension, it’s also the result of our efforts to minimize waste and … Continued

Tending our global garden

Heart + Soil Day isn’t just a celebration of the natural world—it’s also a time for enriching the connections between our global teams and local communities and giving them ways to connect with nature, themselves and each other. This year, our team in the Ukraine renovated a dispensary that provides medical assistance to those living … Continued